Lori Coda, M.S. SpEd
Neurofeedback & QEEG Specialist
3 Hollyhock Lane • Wilton, CT 06897 • 203.414.0834

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Lori Coda MS SpEd

Lori Coda, M.S. SpEd

A behavioral/educational consultant and neurofeedback/QEEG specialist, Lori Coda has worked in the field of autism for 25 years and has now expanded her private practice, Lori Coda, LLC to include brain training in the areas of Sports Performance, Business Performance and Academic Excellence.

Having received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 1985 from the State University of New York in Albany and Master of Science degree in Special Education in 1988 from the University of Long Island, Lori began her career as a Special Education teacher in New York and Connecticut when autistic children were filtered into classes designed primarily for emotionally disturbed children. After receiving her training in T.E.A.C.C.H in 1994, Lori began working with children on the autism spectrum from birth through high school. As a base and resource room teacher, inclusionist, and teacher trainer, Lori has developed and implemented autism, social skills, behavior modification, and buddy programs.

Having been frustrated by the school systems’ failure to implement social skills training into their programs, Lori left the public sector and went into private practice in 2004, running social skills groups for children on the autism spectrum in affiliation with Dr. Nancy O’Hara as her behavioral/educational consultant and social skills trainer. While working with Dr. O’Hara, Lori received training in Neurofeedback at the EEG Institute in 2005 and in Listening Therapy in 2008 and expanded her practice to include children with ADD/ADHD; learning, anxiety and bipolar disorders; processing disabilities; as well as various emotional disturbances.

In February 2009, Lori received advanced training in Neurofeedback and in QEEG/brain-mapping from world renowned, Dr. Leslie Sherlin, Executive Vice President of Research and Development and Chief Technology Officer at Neurotopia, Inc. and co-founder and CEO of Nova Tech EEG, Inc. Lori has implemented the techniques learned in that training in her private practice with much success.

In February 2011, Lori received additional training in elite athlete performance from Dr. Sherlin at the state of the art facilities of Neurotopia in Los Angeles, that specializes in such training. She’s also licensed to administer the ImPACT test. As shown on ESPN, Neurotopia’s internationally acclaimed team of neurophysiology experts have decoded brainwave patterns associated with excelling in elite performers in the fields of athletics, business and academics. The team demonstrated that the brain can now be trained to react positively to stress and to optimally perform under pressure. As an affiliate of Neurotopia, Lori will offer her services in peak performance brain training and will administer the ImPACT test in her private practice.