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Neurofeedback & QEEG Specialist
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Peak Performance Training

If you are an athlete then...

  • You do not want to choke during a game or competition.
  • You can understand the difficulty resetting after an error.
  • You can understand how your performance in the game can spiral down under pressure.
  • You tend to over- analyze mistakes & get "stuck".

Peak performance brain training is the answer for you.

If you are at the top of their field in business...

  • You have experienced difficulty under pressure.
  • You’ve experienced difficulty managing stress.
  • You must feel the need to improve your focus/memory.
  • There is always the need to improve organizational skills.
  • There is always room to improve your mental acuity.

Peak performance brain training is the answer for you.

If you are a student who at the top of their class...

  • You have experienced performance anxiety.
  • You may have test anxiety.
  • You have experienced difficulty with sustained focus and attention.
  • You may have difficulty with language/math processing.
  • You can experience some memory/recall issues.
  • You have experienced difficulty refocusing after a mistake is made.

Peak performance brain training is the answer for you.


Peak performance brain Training may be the choice for you.

It is now possible to measure the brain’s performance. Neurotopia’s world renowned team of neurophysiology experts has decoded brain wave patterns associated with elite performance. Furthermore the brain can be trained to react to stress and still perform at a peak levels under pressure.

Lori Coda is trained and is utilizing cutting edge performance models in conjunction with Neurotopia Brain Performance Training Service.

For more information about Peak Performance Brain Training please click on the following link: www.neurotopia.com.

How is it done?

At first there is an assessment process. You would come to the office for 1 1/2 hour assessment which would include a QEEG Brain Map & a performance test which measures reaction time, speed, error resetting and impulsivity.

The results will be sent to Dr. Leslie Sherlin to analysis & interpretive statements with specialized training protocols for the individual.

Once the results are returned the Performance Brain Training program begins.

You will need to come to the office approximately 3 times per week for 45 minute sessions.

Sensors (electrodes) are placed on the head. This is non-invasive and does not hurt. You will watch/play specialized neurofeedback Peak Performance videos/games. When you produce the appropriate brainwave pattern the video/game will play. When you are distracted and do not produce the proper brainwave pattern the video/game freezes. In addition you will be shown graphs/scores that correlate with the various brain states produced. This process trains the athlete to recognize various mental states of mind needed to perform not only efficiently but at peak level of performance. It is exercise that teaches the athlete to increase brainwave patterns associated with optimal brain functioning and decrease brain wave patterns associated with poor performance. With the utilization of advanced technology all sessions are recorded and measured.

We perform based on what our brains tells us to do. The level of our brain’s functioning depends on many variables such as quality sleep, emotional reactivity, reaction speed, resilience and focus. When the brain functions at its best (Peak level) you are better at performing under pressure, you are able to reset after an error you are a able to sustain attention throughout the game. Therefore you will have an improved performance in your game.

What can Peak Performance Brain Training help?

  • Managing High Pressure/stress
  • mental resetting
  • decreasing reaction time
  • sustaining attention/focus
  • screening out distractions

Please feel free to contact Lori at 203-414-0834 or by email, loricoda@gmail.com to schedule your appointment or to have any inquiries answered.