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Lori Coda, M.S. SpEd
Neurofeedback & QeeG Practitioner
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Recent Testimony

"Our 10-year old son was diagnosed with a severe learning disability when he was in first grade. He has difficulty learning to read, difficulty with long and short-term memory as well as poor organization skills. After completing a cycle of Neurofeedback with Lori Coda, we have seen improvement in his ability to retain information and he's more organized. This has allowed our son to learn at a much more rapid pace. Our son reports feeling better and more confident about school now and he can, "remember things much better."

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QeeG Brain-Mapping

What is QeeG Brain-Mapping?

An initial Quantitative Electroencephalography (QeeG) "maps" the brain and allows us to measure the electrical activity in each region of the brain. This test takes about an hour and a half, is painless, and provides information about the potential of Neurofeedback for you.

Documenting the findings of a QeeG Brain Map will provide you with the insights and information that you can use as a resource to assist you in making decisions about your health. Analyzing the QeeG Brain Map is the initial step in providing a "blueprint" for the course of training and will identify if you will be a good candidate for the Neurfeedback Training. A QeeG-Brainmap provides you with a better understanding of what’s occurring in your brain. It can also be a resourceful tool to help your doctor choose appropriate supplements and medications for you if necessary.