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Never Give Up
"Never Give Up"



Neurofeedback (NF) has been the best thing for our son and our family. We often say, "Why haven't we done this sooner?" Daniel has an alphabet soup of labels attached: ASD, ADHD, SPD, and generalized anxiety. Neurofeedback chipped away at all of those in one way or another.

We started at the point where anxiety medication was recommended, but we resisted going down that road before trying anything else. After NF, anxiety no longer halts life in its tracks. After success with targeting anxiety, we decided to keep going and see what else NF could do. In terms of executive function, we saw improvement in sustained attention, mental stamina, motivation to do well, and decreased hyperactivity. We decreased dosage of his ADHD stimulant medication. I can pile on the list of improvements with significantly increased speech/language evaluation scores, improved handwriting, better eating habits, etc. Even the smallest changes combined add up to a successful outcome. From the beginning of one school year to the next, Daniel's teachers and support staff said, "He is like a different kid."

Daniel's quality of life improved greatly. He made new friends, expanded social interactions, made great strides academically, opened up to new experiences. Our family dynamic has changed as well, since we no longer walk on glass to avoid meltdowns, we can relax and either go with the flow or even be spontaneous. Daniel is a happier kid!

Lori Coda is patient, kind, knowledgeable, and all around wonderful person. Other parents I've met have expressed the same sentiments either from working with Lori on NF or social skills.

Just like any other therapy, neurofeedback takes time. I wish anyone trying neurofeedback has the same or even half of the success we've had. Don't forget that neurofeedback is kid friendly. In Daniel's words, "NF is the only therapy that doesn't annoy me, because I get to sit back and watch movies." So there you have it.

Forever grateful Wilton (CT) family!

MY 2 SONS "B" & "H"

My older son started NF in 3rd grade after intense anxiety and ADHD issues and a horrific experience with medication. Babysitters and teachers both commented on how much calmer and in control of his emotions he became after this therapy, and the school PPT team downgraded him to ADD as a result of this work. He is now a happy, well-adjusted, high-functioning 5th grader now! Our younger son just started the work and already seems less emotionally volatile.

Besides the benefits of NF, I can't say enough about working with Lori. Her background as a a Social Skills Coach and Special Education Teacher and her kind and generous nature really helped us all on this journey. Bonus talking sessions with my son, extra time and advice with my husband and I on all kinds of issues was just so impactful and anxiety-lessening for our family.

Jessica G


Our son Rory has done two rounds of intensive Neurofeedback with Lori in the past twelve months. We began just after his 5th birthday. We initially had a lot of anxiety about his willingness to tolerate the brain map and the Neurofeedback itself, but Lori's calm and soothing manner with him made it very very easy. He enjoyed his sessions and had no problem with the cap, or sitting still. He loved the videos she prepared and requested certain ones. As for the efficacy, we of course are doing other therapies and interventions as well, but it's hard to ignore the impact the Neurofeedback has had. Rory is more engaged, his verbal responses are much faster and more appropriate, and he's more socially interested and interactive. In school he is able to absorb the material better in a group setting-less zoning out, and can keep up with the class work. We are thrilled with his progress and will continue with Neuorfeedback as and when Lori is able to come to Hong Kong.

Mary Beth
Hong Kong Parent


I cannot recommend Lori enough for Neurofeedback treatment. Not only is she one of the most pleasant person I've ever dealt with but I was impressed with her empathy, compassion and knowledge. After my son's NF treatment with Lori we noticed increased social awareness, reduced bruxism and increased expressive speech ability. To be honest I was quite worried whether my son would take to the NF as he is quite sensitive to having anything on his head, but with Lori's patience, persistence and skill, we were able to get through it with only minimal problems. I myself have also received NF treatment and noticed reduced anxiety and also helped me kick the smoking habit.

Hong Kong parent


Our 13-year old son has been struggling with PANDAS for three years. PANDAS is an autoimmune disorder associated with strep that can cause many neurological impairments including tics, obsessive compulsive disorder, hyperactivity, attention and focusing difficulties, agitation, sensory issues, low frustration tolerance, and mood imbalances. PANDAS turned our son, who was formerly a high-achieving A student considered a role model by his teachers, into a learning impaired child with major processing, focusing and reading difficulties. He missed almost a year of school due to multiple hospitalizations, and he suffered a tremendous loss of confidence when he was taken out of advanced classes and classified as a special needs student, requiring daily help in the resource room along with many other accommodations.

Fortunately over the last two years, our son has improved with a number of medical interventions including a special diet and supplements, antibiotics, and plasmapheresis. We also saw very good results from 50 sessions of neurofeedback with Lori Coda, a warm and caring professional who immediately won him over with her genuine concern and interest in helping him get well. Our son had a QeeG done and Lori did an excellent job of explaining what his results meant and how the neurofeedback would help to retrain specific brain waves so that they were not going too fast or too slow and as a result of these exercises, he could regain some of the calm and the focus that he had lost. Within a few weeks of neurofeedback, our son did become a lot calmer and after several months, we did see a definite improvement in his ability to manage his OCD and other symptoms.

We believe that neurofeedback, in conjunction with his medical treatments, enabled our son to regain many of his creative abilities and interests and it has helped to some extent with his focus and homework. Lori also played an instrumental role in helping him regain his confidence in his abilities, and she provided a great deal of support as our son prepared for his Bar Mitzvah, which took place just two months after the start of neurofeeback. Lori gave our son a journal as a Bar Mitzvah gift, and he often talks about how much he appreciated this gesture and the role she has played in helping him heal. Our son is not symptom free yet, but he has made great progress and is now leading a much more normal life. The OCD is not eliminated, but we do believe that it is no longer incapacitating, and it has taken more of a back seat in his life. Our son bonded with Lori in a way that he has not bonded with any other specialist, and he still writes to her often. There is no question that through the neurofeedback sessions and through her listening, she has made a huge positive difference in his life.

Sam and Lynn


It's hard to believe we've only known you, Lori Coda, for a year- you've become such an important part of our lives. Robert has benefited greatly from your Neurofeedback sessions with him and he has loved his times with you. We will miss our trips to Wilton but will remember fondly your sense of humor, your kind ways, and the wonderful gift of help and encouragement you offered to Robert.

May G-d bless you and your family as you has blessed us.

With Thanks, Farmor


Aiden is diagnosed with Autism. Aidan has shown a great deal of improvement since we began Neurofeedback. He only resisted it during the first session and then soon realized how totally relaxed- what appears to be a zen-like state. Overall he seems much happier, particularly the following day after treatment.

His pre-school teacher has noted improvement in his attitude and ability to attend for much longer periods of time. He participates in classroom activities more willingly and his table time has increased as well.

Aiden is also improving at home with his ABA-mastering programs more easily and responding to one step instructions. His receptive language is improving and he is producing more sounds. He enjoys play more, particularly his music activity toys. He remembers people, acknowledges them, and smiles and is happy to receive praise.

He has developed an awareness of his body in space and his coordination has significantly improved. Overall he is more focused and present than before and more communicative.

Aiden loves his visits with Lori has a natural gift for working with children. He takes her by the hand and walks into her therapy room, eager to begin his Neurofeedback session.

Debbie and Ken


(Tending towards ADD). We are only half way through the program yet Simon is calmer and happier and we are forgoing a relationship together. For the first time in a long time, he is letting me love him. He has given me an entry into his heart which I think was hardened b so many years of therapy centered on his older brother. He is also calmer and less anxious about homework (which he has completed for 3 night running now without prompting!)



Our 10-year old son was diagnosed with a severe learning disability when he was in first grade. He has difficulty learning to read, difficulty with long and short -term memory as well as poor organization skills. After completing a cycle of Neurofeedback with Lori Coda, we have seen improvement in his ability to retain information and he's more organized. This has allowed our son to learn at a much more rapid pace. Our son reports feeling better and more confident about school now and he can, "remember things much better."

A Fairfield Family


Our son, diagnosed with PDD-NOS has been working with Lori for nearly two years from the age of 4. We started to see subtle changes in our son from the very beginning. The biggest gift Neurofeedback has given us is a happier child! Our son gained skills in self-regulation, he started sleeping beautifully through the night and his language skills continue to improve to catch up to his peers. His staff at school report back consistently with these gains, as they continue to witness improvements with focus and overall well-being at a rate beyond their expectations. Working with Lori is truly a gift. She cares deeply about her work and her clients. She has been a fantastic resource for us in exploring therapeutic adventures.

Best of all we have a happy child on our hands.

Mae & Mark


My son with autism did Neurofeedback when he was seven years old. After the first month, he experienced a significant improvement in his language processing speed and novel spontaneous language. This progress was noticed by family members and teachers alike and was maintained after concluding the course of Neurofeedback. In addition, his handwriting improved and he started remembering and asking about events from several years previous.

When I first heard about Neurofeedback, I didn't understand how we were going to tell my son what to do with his brain to make it work. Well, this didn't turn out to be a problem at all. He got that hang of it on the first day and quickly started to enjoy it. I brought a reward for him so he would pay attention, but we never needed it. Neurofeedback is so fun and relaxing, it turned out to be a reward in itself.

To date, Neurofeedback is still my son's most favorite therapy and he's still asking me when we're going back for more.

Lisa S.


How can we ever thank you enough!

Our son Asher has completed about 40 sessions of Neurofeedback (NF). Asher is on the autism spectrum and has been receiving integrative medicine interventions since he was 2; he is now 10. His gains had been steady but they seemed to have reached a holding pattern until our introduction to Lori Coda. His time with Lori can only be described as an AWAKENING! And just what the doctor ordered. In the beginning, we did not see much change but then gradually there was clear evidence that NF was having an impact. Lori studies the results of each session and is able to adjust his sessions to work on a different part of the brain until Asher owns that particular brainwave pattern. The gains he has made are indescribable.

Asher’s expressive language has improved significantly; responses are no longer rote or rehearsed. He is able to engage in more meaningful conversations. There is emerging empathy in his interactions, developing self- awareness, and improved attitude toward school work. Asher always struggled with inappropriate laughing when people got hurt. A few weeks ago, I got hurt and he announced “mommy I did not laugh”. That may not seem like much to many people but is huge. He did not laugh but he was aware that he was not exhibiting inappropriate behavior. Several of our post session talks have ended in us crying joyfully while explaining what new event took place the week prior. Lori is a consummate professional and an expert in her craft and a special education teacher at heart. She clearly explains the methodology and is sincere in her presentation. Her plan is tailor made for Asher.

NF is a process and you must be patient. We are elated by our son’s progress which we could have never imagined what we see today. We are eternally grateful for Lori’s partnership, insight and dedication, we look forward to our son’s continuous gains. Every session gives us another glimmer of what he has the potential to do and be.

Angelica Infante
Anthony Green, DDS


I would highly recommend Lori for Neurofeedback. My son age 20 went to Lori for Social Anxiety. Lori made him feel very comfortable, and after only a few sessions he started opening up and having conversations with Lori. He is now comfortable having discussions with adults and does not feel that people are judging him. He has also become more independent and does not need to be pestered to go and talk to people. A number of friends and family have commented in the change they have seen in Michael. During the time he has been seeing Lori, he has made new friends, and also went to a study abroad program with his college, which was a huge success. Before NF, I am sure he would not have considered going to a study abroad program.

I highly recommend Lori, she has been great with Michael, and NF worked for Michael.



My daughter Lee had a severe traumatic brain injury from ad car accident. She spent months in the hospital and in Rehab. She had problems with cognition, processing, motor planning and memory.

Upon leaving Rehab, we began Neurofeedback with Lori.

Lori has been life changing for us. She is compassionate and devoted to what she does and my daughter became immediately comfortable!

I consider Neurofeedback to be the PT of the brain! Boy are we seeing responses and growth in my daughter. She now has much better motor planning. Her cognition has improved greatly and she is processing things at a much faster rate.

My favorite thing recently is that Lee has become aware that she now can "think inside her own head!" She is now aware that she does not need to say every thought out loud and now filters things that she says.

It's amazing to see how far Lee has come and I look forward to seeing her progress.



Here is the ultimate testimony of how great Neurofeedback with Lori Coda is.

In the summer of 2016, at the recommendation of my pediatrician, my son started three sessions per week of Neurofeedback with Lori. At that time, he was experiencing debilitating anxiety attacks in addition to his Inattentive ADD and Executive Function issues. By that fall he self-reported his anxiety was significantly reduced and his ability to focus had increased dramatically.

So, here’s the undeniable proof of success.

Now, a year and a half later, the teenaged boy who will sleep all morning, asks to continue seeing Lori every week. Even though his sessions are at 9 am on Saturday mornings! He reliably gets himself up weekly because he says that it makes him feel relaxed and focus.

Thank you Lori, for the enormous improvement you have made in his quality of life.

Susan B


We thoroughly enjoyed working with Lori and we believe that Neuofeedback has made some good progress on our 5 year old son, Adrian. Not only was Lori knowledgeable with Neurofeedback, she also gave very good advice on social skills training. Adrian has always been sensitive to sounds so we were worried that he could not tolerate the videos during Neurofeedback. However, with Lori's assistance and encouragement, Adrian not only sat through all of the sessions, he actually enjoyed watching the videos! We also noticed that after the Neurofeedback, Adrian's attention, engagement speech, tolerance level, and ability to self regulate have all improved. We have now worked with Lori twice (totaling 40 sessions) and we will not hesitate to recommend Neurofeedback to anyone.

Hong Kong Parent

Anthony and Hannah

Our children Anthony and Hannah aged 13 and 10 are both on the autism spectrum, and have particular difficulties with language both expressive and receptive. In the past 2 years our children have received regular neurofeedback therapy from Lori Coda, as part of a multi-disciplinary biomedical intervention.

Lori has carefully monitored our children's progress, she has been and remains focused on improvement and outcomes and continually fine tunes, monitors and adjusts the therapy, to match our children's needs, and maximise their potential for progress. Lori cares deeply about each of our children and in our experience has gone out of her way to accommodate our children within her schedule.

Neurofeedback is one of a number of therapies we have implemented for our children and we have seen clear and significant improvement in our children's abilities, language, communication and social interaction.

We have no hesitation in recommending Lori, her involvement as part of a team, has had a significant beneficial impact on our children's progress and development.

Joseph and Ann


My son is being treated for ADD/ADHD and has services at school to attend to his learning disability in reading. He has had 14 sessions of Neurofeedback so far. I chose not to share with the school anything about the Neurofeedback. I have received the following comments from his 3rd grade teacher and the reading specialist: "Jacob has rally turned the corner in 3rd grade". She told Jacob, "If I could give an award for the hardest working person in the class I would give it to you." During the CMT's-grueling long tests given over a 2-week period-Jacob took these un-timed with the reading specialist. He finished each test. He persisted and plugged away at each test until he got to the last question. There were two tests that he spent an extra 45 minutes to finish. Both teachers were amazed that Jacob stayed so focused and determined. They commented that most kids struggling to read and answer questions for these tests give up 20 minutes into the test and don't even use the allotted time. To my understanding Jacob went over the time for every test and insisted on finishing. We have no results to his academic performance to date but finishing and staying focused impressed both the teacher and the reading specialists.



There is no doubt that Neurofeedback with Lori Coda will be a long term intervention for my son Jack (almost 7). For one thing, it's such a relief to find an effective treatment for autism that truly does no harm. There has been no regression or even feeling of discomfort for my son since the beginning.

At first I was skeptical that Jack would allow Lori to glue these electrodes to his head but within 3 sessions he was easy to hook up by just minimally distracting his hands. The last session we had Jack just sat there nicely tilting his head to make it convenient for Lori to attach the electrodes. (He does sit in a car seat but is perfectly compliant about it.) In fact, when he does sometimes fiddle with the wires, he usually tries to put them back himself. He even tried to hook up Neury-bear!

During the session Jack calms noticeably (Lori often predicts that he's going to be calm in 2 minutes and he is!). There are times he really focuses on the screen but even when he's not watching the screen, the beeping can be very fluid. If he "zones out" the feedback pulls him back into our world. What I feel this is doing for Jack is helping him regulate himself. Yes, I see it more "in the chair" than at home, but I think it will generalize in time. I do think it has helped him at home in this regard but it's difficult to see b/c of Jack's detox regimen. I am guessing that Jack would be much worse during "on" cycles of his detoxifier if we didn't have the Neurofeedback to steady him. An objective outcome is that he is starting to be dry at night. He used to wake up once in a blue moon with a dry diaper but now it's once or sometimes twice a week. I'm sure if Jack could talk more he would tell me that it's helping with the chronic pain (head, gut) he suffers. I hope that once Jack is calmer we can start to use it for more areas that he is deficient in... speech, social etc. Kudos to Dr. O'hara for bringing this unique intervention into her office and for putting Lori Coda in charge of it. Lori's skills as a practitioner and specialist as applied to Neurofeedback will give every child who tries it the best chance for success (not to mention she's a lovely human being!)



My son Will was 4 years old when he did neurofeedback with Lori Coda. Lori was wonderful as she guided him through this new process. He is typically very rigid and not open to new experiences. Lori was gentle as she led him effortlessly through the process. The major benefit for Will was that he began talking shortly after he had finished neurofeedback. Prior to neurofeedback Will was primarily non-verbal. I do believe that the neurofeedback really jump started Will?s speech. He is so much happier and less frustrated now that he can verbally communicate with us!

My older son Charlie also completed neurofeedback with Lori when he was 9 years old. Charlie?s results were more subtle than Will?s, although just as valuable. Charlie?s focus and attention increased after his time with Lori. He was better able to concentrate on this school work and his social interactions improved. He was less distracted and his stimming behaviors decreased. We are very pleased with his results.