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Lori Coda, M.S. SpEd
Social Skills Coach & Neurofeedback & QeeG Practitioner
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Lori Coda MS SpEd

Lori Coda
M.S. SpEd

Lori has an M.S. in SpEd and has been a behavioral and educational consultant for more than 25 years, working with children with a broad range of learning and behavior disabilities. She has a specialty in Autism Spectrum Disorders.
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Lori's Approach

Lori's unique practice offers a variety of tools to build social skills and self-confidence, enabling more comfortable social interaction. In addition to one-on-one and group social skills coaching, she utilizes neurofeedback as a brain training modality which promotes self-regulation, appropriate communication and stress reduction, thereby enhancing social and interpersonal abilities.


Neurofeedback is brain exercise that has been demonstrated to help both children and adults in a variety of ways such as self-regulation, focus, relatedness, decrease stress, improve communication, and improve processing. By retraining the brain's electrical activity you can achieve long lasting improvements in thinking and behavior.

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QeeG Brain-Mapping

A QeeG Brain Map (Quantitative Electroencephalography) "maps" the brain and allows us to measure the electrical activity of the brain. This one hour assessment is utilized to determine Neurofeedback Protocols. It doesn’t hurt and it’s non-invasive.

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The Social Shack offers individual and group social coaching in a setting that is natural rather than clinical. A focus on perspective taking and "Social Thinking" strengthens each participant's understanding of the feelings and motivations of others. Social Shack addresses and reinforces a wide range of interpersonal skills, including conversational abilities, "getting in with the group," and social etiquette. All coaching is tailored to the participant's personal needs and abilities.

In addition to social coaching, Lori offers Independent Activity of Daily Living (IADL) coaching for those who require support with the increased responsibilities and challenges of transitioning into adulthood.

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Recent Testimony


Our son Rory has done two rounds of intensive Neurofeedback with Lori in the past twelve months. We began just after his 5th birthday. We initially had a lot of concerns about his willingness to tolerate the brain map and the Neurofeedback itself, but Lori's calm and soothing manner with him made it very very easy. He enjoyed his sessions and had no problem with the cap, or sitting still. He loved the videos she prepared and requested certain ones. As for the efficacy, we of course are doing other therapies and interventions as well, but it's hard to ignore the impact the Neurofeedback has had. Rory is more engaged, his verbal responses are much faster and more appropriate, and he's more socially interested and interactive. In school he is able to absorb the material better in a group setting-less zoning out, and can keep up with the class work. We are thrilled with his progress and will continue with Neuorfeedback as and when Lori is able to come to Hong Kong.

Mary Beth
Hong Kong Parent

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